A pioneer multi – functional boat

Barracuda is in progress of construction of a new rib boat with overall length 12 meter, with unlimited operation capabilities, made of vinyl ester, hull antiosmotic protection (15 years).

Around the hull, there are additional air tubes of variable diameter (for better aero-hydrodynamics) which together with the compartments of the hull, which are stuffed with expanded polyesterene (lightweight material that does not absorb any moisture) makes it an all-weather boat (category A, 10 beaufort)

For the boat’s propulsion there are two (2) outboard motors 500 hp each, which also help for additional buoyancy.

It bears jet thrusters, fore and astern, for side movement of U turns with joystick.

Most of the passengers will be accommodated inside the boat, while aircraft type seats, with suspension for sock absorbing, will serve the operator and cooperator also for the rest of passengers under demand.

Under the deck of the bow there is a cabin with two berths, and a marine type toilet.

The ceiling’s height seems very low on the outside (low center of gravity) so that the boat is for all weather conditions while inside the accommodation space, the height is 2,10 m as it takes advantage of the hull’s V.


  • Fuel shifting prevention system
  • Low cost of maintenance
  • Continuous speed 22 knots at 8 beaufort sea condition with final speed 50 knots
  • Anti-explosive tank