The 900 Barracuda Satellite is one of many 9meter inflatable boats worldwide, that is not afraid to take off from the water, but it’s also one of a few 9meter worldwide that enjoys the water landing when you are seated (I don’t mean in your house living room)… With this boat I’ve lived the most incredible experience as I was seated at the back, with 35knots speed and sea condition of 2,5 m waves, (tightened at the beginning and then relaxed) enjoying the boat’s “flying over” the sea, hearing the propeller emerging from the water, but without feeling the slightest vibration or noise…. Just Incredible… Bravo BARRACUDA!

Petros Mousourakis

In 2016 I bought a used inflatable “Barracuda” boat in excellent condition from the manufacturer.

Apart from the reliability of transaction with the company, which warranted for the excellent condition of the boat – a fact that I ascertained afterwards – I was much impressed by the apparent quality of the hull which didn’t have cracks after 20 years of life.

I also ascertained that the airtubes maintain their lustre and elasticity and also the electric installation is still in a very good condition.

Gerhard Axmann – Germany

They say that the rib boat gives you both pleasures, one when you are buying it and another when you sell it. So I think that “Bubu” owes me my second pleasure, because when I separated her I felt sadness than joy. However, I’m waiting till the moment “Bubu” comes back in my life again. “Bubu” and me had an honest relationship, never betrayed each other… she, me and the sea.

Babis Konstantatos

For four (4) years till now I owned a 6 meter rib boat with 150hp Yamaha.  The “setup” is nautical it is an integral part of my family’s summer vacation and for fishing the rest holidays of the year. My rib is totally reliable, it’s an “all weather” rib, and that means that causes no troubles minus or big ones, when I am in the sea with good or bad weather always gives me the feeling of safety. I really love it.

Marios Sorotos, Piraeus

It was the summer of 2007 when I decided to buy the Barracuda 900 Satellite and because of fulfilling my childish dream I gave it the name “DREAM”. 

It was around the 20th of July of the same year, when I bought one-way air tickets for me and my family (wife and 16years old twins) to Athens. We took up the “DREAM” from Alimos and began our dreamy journey back to Cyprus, making stops to beautiful Greek islands like, Poros – Ydra – Milos – Folegandros – Ios – Santorini – Astypalaia – Nisiros – Simi – Rhodes – Kastelorizo and finally Pafos, Cyprus.

In the past I used to talk a lot about my previous 7 meter rib boat, but as for the 900 Satellite I can talk for hours over and over again. I think that Tasos Chatzistamatiou, the manufacturer, is like a conductor who used all the virtues of the other boats to create 900 Satellite.  Everything may hit the hull, opens in pieces. The deck spaces are incredible. The autonomy of the 800 liters gasoline tank, gives you freedom. We covered the distance Cyprus – Kastelorizo in six (6) hours with 5 BEAUFORT sea conditions, and we returned in Cyprus only in four (4) hours with calm weather while our children were sleeping… This boat doesn’t afraid of anything…

Petros Vrahas – Nicosia